Saturday, August 22, 2015

Yes, I DO Take Non-Academic Clients

I was recently asked if I take non-academic clients, and if so, what can I do for them.

So...Yes, I do!!

While perhaps half of the work I do with academics is about writing and publishing, the rest really goes far beyond scholarship. I help people align their skills and desires to their vision for their life, and help them actualize this vision. I help people develop insights into their capacities and skills, and work with them on maximizing their strengths toward living the type of work lives they wish to have. We work to develop new insights, new understandings, and new ways of matching these skills with who my clients are and wish to be in the world. We work on fit and fitness, emotional fit and fitness. I also am very skilled at helping people develop insights into their emotional, cognitive and behavioral concerns.

I am a skilled clinician, and while coaching is not therapy, you won't have to worry about overwhelming me or presenting problems that are going to be beyond what I have worked with before. While not therapy, coaching most certainly can be, and often is, therapeutic.

I have practiced and taught social work and therapy for over twenty years. I have held senior leadership positions in various organizations. In other words, I know how to work with people, how to help them succeed and thrive at very high levels.

So, even if your not an academic, but resonate with the tone of my blog, or someone has recommended me to you, please connect with me for a complimentary chat. I love talking to new people about their goals and dreams.

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