Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Challenge: Get Support, Give Support in Small Doses

Sometimes, we believe we have to carve out large blocks of time to get our needs meet. For example, many people believe that they have to work out for an hour at the gym to get any tangible benefits (an hour and a half total or more, considering driving time, changing, ect). Research shows us otherwise: consider the evidence-based exercise method Tabata!  An amazing workout in minutes (but oh, be in shape before you try Tabata in its pure form).

Like working out, we can give and get meaningful support in small blocks. For today's challenge, I want you to consciously seek out ten minutes of support. I also want you to intentionally give ten minutes of support.

Learning that we can meet our needs in short bursts gets was away from some of our all or nothing thinking. And yes, this applies to writing too! 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Writing as something "I must do"

I have written nearly ever day for many, many years. Even when times are hectic, crazy, and unsettled, I have written. I worry less about what I write, trusting that the devotion to the craft will yield results over time.

What I with struggle now is my current commitment to this blog. I have given myself permission to not write here much during this term, but it has been such a large part of my writing life that it just does not feel good to let it sit. Thus my silly post from yesterday.

I write this not for pity or advice, but to suggest that these feelings of "must" differ greatly from the type of internalized, painful "shoulds" that I have written about before, and  most directly in my post on "musterbation."

These current musts I feel are derived from this blog being a central part of my writer's life, from commitment, obligation (not a dirty word!), and loyalty. This is the type of "must" that carries one forward, over the course of many years. I wish this for each of you.

So, from this space, I write, I offer, I post. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

What An Academic Coach Can Offer

A nice metaphor for what an experienced academic coach can offer. Starting at 2 minutes 30 seconds. Let's just forget the last thing Roy says! :). I certainly can handle rejection from potential clients a bit better than that!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

My Crazy Quarter

I am not sure if this is an explanation or complaining. Both?

This is such a busy quarter for me. Much of my work overload is caused problems of abundance, and some of it is my intentionally signing up for a third class so I can only teach one in the winter. I am not sure if I am going to do that again! I am also "at capacity" in my coaching practice, and have a waiting list for the first ti

I also have two book projects happening at the same time (actually, three but one is just peculating a bit). One is an edited book on health care social work from a global perspective (I am the global guy), and the other is a revision of Navigating Human Services, which was just "taken over" by Oxford. Excited that it is going into a forth revision.

So, patience with my blog, please. Do remember that there are over 500 posts on a variety of topics pertaining to writing, publishing and the academic life. If you Google "Write, Publish, Thrive", my name, and a topic, you are likely to find something!

So, until December, don't expect too many posts. Although, the last time I wrote this, it annoyed me and I stepped up my blogging game. We shall see!