Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Challenge: Get Support, Give Support in Small Doses

Sometimes, we believe we have to carve out large blocks of time to get our needs meet. For example, many people believe that they have to work out for an hour at the gym to get any tangible benefits (an hour and a half total or more, considering driving time, changing, ect). Research shows us otherwise: consider the evidence-based exercise method Tabata!  An amazing workout in minutes (but oh, be in shape before you try Tabata in its pure form).

Like working out, we can give and get meaningful support in small blocks. For today's challenge, I want you to consciously seek out ten minutes of support. I also want you to intentionally give ten minutes of support.

Learning that we can meet our needs in short bursts gets was away from some of our all or nothing thinking. And yes, this applies to writing too! 

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