Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Writing as something "I must do"

I have written nearly ever day for many, many years. Even when times are hectic, crazy, and unsettled, I have written. I worry less about what I write, trusting that the devotion to the craft will yield results over time.

What I with struggle now is my current commitment to this blog. I have given myself permission to not write here much during this term, but it has been such a large part of my writing life that it just does not feel good to let it sit. Thus my silly post from yesterday.

I write this not for pity or advice, but to suggest that these feelings of "must" differ greatly from the type of internalized, painful "shoulds" that I have written about before, and  most directly in my post on "musterbation."

These current musts I feel are derived from this blog being a central part of my writer's life, from commitment, obligation (not a dirty word!), and loyalty. This is the type of "must" that carries one forward, over the course of many years. I wish this for each of you.

So, from this space, I write, I offer, I post. 

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