Sunday, August 27, 2017

Scholars/Doctoral Students Impacted by Harvey

My heart goes out to you, as you try to cope with the implications of the storm on your lives. I am not back to work until Sept. 15th (and very slow until near the end of September), so have some extra time. I would like to offer a few free coaching sessions to doctoral students and scholars in need right now.  An empathic ear? A sounding board?  Some motivation when it seems impossible? Yes, you might have more immediate thing with which to contend, but if you do need some coaching to help you keep hope, let me know. I am here, if I can help. 

Friday, August 25, 2017

Online Workshop-Practical Tips for Writing Your Dissertation

Struggling with your dissertation? Stuck? Want to work with Rich? 

A 8-week online workshop, January 5th – March 10th, 2018, through the Taos Institute. Open to all PhD students and candidates at any university. All disciplines welcome!

This online workshop is designed for doctoral students to help develop the skills needed to successfully complete a high-quality dissertation. It begins with an exploration of the nature of dissertations, including an analysis of the traditional dissertation architecture and the nature of each section. It examines the nature of quality in scholarly writing, helping developing scholars engage in an examination and critique of each other’s writing. Participants will practice methods of writing productivity, using each technique to push their agenda writing forward. Finally, the workshop helps doctoral students understand the psychosocial barriers that inhibit scholars, perhaps the most important and unique aspect of this workshop.

This online workshop will be a combination of readings, videos, writing, learning partner dialogues, and online conversations. There will also be a live conference call each week. Participants should be available for the live conference calls, and have up to 6 hours a week available for the assignments and weekly dialogue partner conversations.  
Dates: Live calls on Wed mornings.

Registration Fee: $500 for students, $600 others

Registration link,


Email: for registration questions (Registration starts soon. Limited to 20, and we will fill up!)
(Rates good before December 15th. After Dec. 15th, add $100.) 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A Month of Writing Tip Haiku: Processing

Well, less than a month ago I gave myself the challenge of writing 30 "writing tip haiku" by the end of the month. In spite of not being sure if I really wrote a great deal that would help others, I pressed onward. However, I don't get to know my impact, really. I have explored before that our jobs are to follow our passions and commitments, push forward, and do our work. When we worry about our impact while we are engaged in projects it rarely helps us. Our brains are good for engaging in our work, but not much help when evaluating ourselves and what we offer.

It was nice to get back to a consistent stretch of blogging. After five plus years, it can be challenging to figure out what to write about. This feels like a nice reboot.