Sunday, December 16, 2018

Friday, December 14, 2018

There Is No Catching Up

You will never "catch up." You will never make up for all the times where things were not going as well as you think they should. The impulsive to catch up will only create stress, anxiety, and self-downing and deprivation. Trying to catch up will only get in the way of the actual process of engaging in your work. Best to just set your writing calendar, focus on one or two writing pieces at a time (set before the week begins), and stay in the process of writing.

We cannot write faster than our current processes and tools allow.

We cannot write faster than our current processes and tools allow.

We cannot write faster than our current processes and tools allow.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

I Am Not A Writing Coach

Well, maybe not just a writing coach is more accurate. Not that there is anything being a writing coach- for years that was how I saw myself (and, frankly, often still do). Yet, besides writing, I help scholars and leaders with many other problems and issues. What you ask?  Here is a list of a few of the issues.

Thriving as an academic
Thriving as a leader
Self-downing and mild (non-clinical depression)
Compulsive or ineffective technology use
Emotional self-regulation
Writing productivity (yup, writing stuff :)).
Personal and professional relationship building
Qualitative methods
Personal growth and development
Work productivity
Intentional work/life decision making
Job hunting
Developmental editing
Grant application reviews
Making tough decisions
Organizational decision making
Improving supervisory skills
Tenure and promotion planning
How to say no without harming your career
Teaching hacks that work
Becoming a great teacher without killer yourself
Article writing mastery (writing again!!)
"I got tenure-why am I depressed!"
"I got tenure- now what?"
Letting go of assistant professor fear
Planning future promotions
Breaking out of career ruts
Planing and implementing the march to full professor
Recovering passion mid-career
Book proposal development
Book writing
Rituals that work
Integrating teaching, research and service to a happy life
Job hunting for scholars
Becoming who you are as a scholar/leader
Thriving for the long haul
Transitioning to post-academic life

See, not just a writing coach!

Friday, December 7, 2018

Passports: A Creative Nonfiction Essay

Another Chicago Magazine has long been one of my favorite literary journals. I am thrilled and honor to have my essay Passports, appear in their last issue.