Friday, February 10, 2017

Ten minutes a day on Sat and Sun challenge

I want to issue a challenge here. Write for ten minutes on Saturday and Sunday if you do not normally do so. However, I want you to focus on your "head game" here; I am less worried about what you write and how much. Work on relaxing into your writing; on enjoying it, and challenging the "tapes" that lead to anxiety, stress, and self downing.

Writing is not inherently stressful; our own perspective and thinking is what makes it so. Change your relationship to writing, and you can write a good deal without feeling overworked. Bring a bunch of "cognitive garbage" to writing sessions, and even a few minutes feels awful.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Open Letter, to Professors, Chairs and Deans

Dear colleagues,

Do you know an assistant professor who is in trouble?. We all know one. A great colleague who is at risk of not getting tenure. They teach well, are good colleagues/citizens, but they do not publish or publish enough. They have had some internal supports, perhaps, but either not enough or something is not clicking. I can help. The insightful, strength based coaching I provide for academics on writing productivity, publishing scholarly articles, and the psychosocial barriers that inhibit scholars from thriving has helped many faculty move successfully toward tenure and beyond. I have developed a unique set of techniques and skills based on evidence-based approaches to writing, publishing, coaching, and psychotherapy. I am passionate about this work!

I try to make my services accessible, which includes, but is not limited to, accepting faculty development and other funds from universities (I accept private payments as well). If you know of any assistant professors who may need help thriving, or associate professors who are trying to jump start their careers and move toward promotion, please do let me know or pass this note on to them. I also conduct one and two day workshops on writing and publishing; it would be fun to come to your campus for a workshop and a visit.