Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A poem, circa 2001, just because..

The Importance of Anti Oxidants

The dog shakes uncontrollably

when he sees the baby my wife cares for.
Only few years past early motherhood,
my wife loves the baby.
I worry about myself, only caring about
the $800 a month
invisibly stapled to the kid’s forehead,
or the protection of my silence,
and maybe the death
which will soon stick to fingers
like guilty blisters
that I press against granite typewriter keys.
George W. sees dead Iraqis as votes.
Pellets from smartbombs must
make constipating cereal
for little stomachs not accustomed to solid food.
I can never eat or sleep
before my first day in front of a class.
Republicans believe professors are drains
on the economy.
What use are professor poets
who don’t even teach poetry?
What use are dead Iraqis?
We might not needs smoking guns
but must need smoking bodies.
It amazes me how some folks smoke cigarettes
but drink green tea and take vitamins.
The press estimates thirty thousand marched
in Washington against the war.
Nearly five million watched the playoffs.
Why does my dog shake when he sees the baby?
Why did my retirement fund tank?
Why are there the miniature dead
floating on the surface of my tea?

by Rich Furman

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