Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Exercise: 50 words, no more, no less

I want you to stop what you are doing, or as soon as you are able to, and write fifty words on the primary article you are working on. When you hit fifty, stop!! I want you to feel the tension of wanting to write more. Let it frustrate you, let it build. Don't let yourself come back to the paper for a couple of hours.

Why did I do this to you?


  1. OK. Done.

    As it is now 10h30m pm my time, and I had a long day, this was a struggle, initially. I wrote a long sentence and was disappointed to see that it was only 34 words long.

    I. then, took a deep breath and type a few more words... only to find out that I had ran out of 'words budget' half way through a sentence. Argh... I really want to finish this sentence. And go on and on.

    Ah, well. I suppose I will know exactly where to start, tomorrow ;-)

  2. :). So, the idea is for you to feel the burn of wanting to write. Remember what that feels like. Take it in. Hold that in your memory for the next time you tell yourself you don't want to write!! Thank Ana, my most faithful reader and commenter!!

    And yes, you will know just where to start manana ;)