Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Exercise: The Ten You Wish to Meet

For this exercise, I want you to think of ten people who could markedly influence your work/career if you had a connection to them, with whom you currently do not have a relationship. I want you not to select people based upon power or prestige, but consider the work or attributes you really love and respect. People you could learn and grow from/with should be on this list.

I want you to divide this into three groups of approximate equal size (yes, ten is not divisible by three!). Don't judge or assess them, but instead think of people who could really add to your life. They do not have to live where you live. Do not consider whether or not they would be interested in connecting with you.

1) Colleagues that you think are "out of your league" but you believe you could learn from. Bill Gates and Bill Clinton, while wonderful, are not who I have in mind. Think of "the stars" in your profession or professional world, not world leaders. Think of the hard working folks just below them in terms of status and achievement. (sorry for the hierarchical language, but roll with it for the exercise).

2) Colleagues a bit above you in terms of experience or achievement.

3) Colleagues that are at "your level" that you don't know, but who do work that you admire and/or respect.

Check back in a day or two for my discussion of this exercise.

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