Saturday, August 1, 2015

Getting After It

I had to let the dogs outside. That took two minutes. Everything else, including brushing my teeth, was going to wait. Why? I wanted to write. I felt a great need to work on an autoethnography that I have put aside for a while.

Most thing in life can wait, really. Email. Even breakfast, coffee. Brushing my teeth and flossing (twice a day, its good for your heart!!). Working out. Ect.

I hear it all time time; I can't write until...until my house is clean..until I pay my bills..until I make X..until I do x....until I figure out the weight of Pluto, ect.

Try 15 minutes in the mornings before you do anything but the most biological essential tasks (for you or others). Write. Get after it right away. Do that for 2 weeks and tell me something does not change.

Or, keep telling yourself you can't (won't??), and waste far more time feeling anxious about not writing.

Engaging in the behavior we feel axious about avoiding creates moments of anxiety when you are doing it, but decreases overall levels of anxiety. 

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