Monday, August 17, 2015

I'm Not Down

My "baby" leaves for her gap year in Switzerland tomorrow and I am sad sad sad. Where have the years gone?

Her leaving marks the beginning of my real, true, and total empty nest (save for my writing coach and therapist, of course!) Trying to find that balance today between deeply honoring my pain and being in action. The struggle of being human. Its honorable, but oh so hard. I focus on service to others. Listening. Being witness. Then back to myself. Self to others, others to self. Its what I teach my social work student to do. Be fully with self, and then fully with others.

Of course, there is my favorite song from the greatest band ever (The Clash, of course) to help-  "I'm not down"!

And, always. There are words. There is writing. I am working on some narrative non-fictions shorts that may form the core of an autoethnography or poetic inquiry. Or not. But I need you today writing, Oh I need you, far more than I can admit here.

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