Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Start of My Sabbatical!!!

With the end of my summer class  (grades in, yeah! and the start of my trip to the Philippines), this marks the start of my fall term sabbatical. I am thrilled to be taking a one term, or four month sabbatical away from the grind of faculty life. Decisions will be made without me!  Yes!!! Classes will be taught, and not by me! Students will to to someone else for guidance and feedback!!! ( I love ya, but some time away, please!)

And what do I get to do?

Read. Write. Read. Write. Sleep, Eat. Repeat.

This is going to be a good four months!

Don't worry, however, I will not be slacking off on my blog. I have been storing up some posts, so have a few in my metaphorical hip pocket that have already been scheduled for posting!

I will also share, I am sure, what it feels like to be officially away from duty. For many years, I have taught during the summer, so I really don't know what time away totally feels like. And four months, this is going to be sweet. Its not a year, but its still an awesome privilege!

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  1. Sounds idyllic. I hope it's a very productive period.