Wednesday, August 13, 2014

An Editor's Experience? Ever Consider it?

Every wonder what it is like to be the editor of a journal?   While I am not going to really explore everything that goes into the role, I just want to stress what wonderfully a fascinating, fulfilling,  and totally thankless role it is. Editors, for the most part, do their work as service, get paid nothing or nearly nothing, and receive very little appreciation from those they interact with the most- you, the authors!

Editors are YOU, faculty. Yet so many submitters of articles treat editors as bizarre and mythical "others" that lord over their lives. Now, mind you, i am not saying that all editors do a great job- in other places in this blog I have been critical of the practices of some editors. Some are great, but some, indeed, are awful.

Yet, I want you to really consider the nature of editors role, and how much "crap" they get on a (near) daily basis. From:

     Authors who blame them for their tenure problems

     Prima donna scholars who are shocked that their "perfect" articles are not perceived as such

     Authors who do not follow simple submission instructions

     Authors who send articles that are beyond the aim and scope of a journal

     And anger, rage and hostility- these are the emotions that editors are forced to so frequently
     content with.

Consider this the next time you have an interaction with editor; it might not only improve your outcome, but will at least create a more human zeitgeist in academia.

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