Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New Coaching Service: Facilitated Interactive Accountablity Spreedsheet

I told you not to read on Tuesdays if you were not interested in my coaching practice! As of today I am starting a new coaching service; the Facilitated Interactive Accountability Spreadsheet (sounds fancy and formal, no?).

Here is how it will work. I will create a spreadsheet in Google Drive; its super easy to navigate if you have not used it before. I will accept up to ten people per speed sheet, no more. Each day, you post your word count, even if it is zero, and if applicable, make a note about your work (using the comment function in the spreadsheet).

I will interact with participants, provide feedback, and help participants be accountable and productive, and to a small degree, help with skill building. It is an opportunity to be held accountable and get a bit of group coaching on the side. Group members will work to hold each other accountable a well; all group member will have each other's emails, and will be encouraged to "call each other out" (nicely though) when people are not posting their word counts daily (again, if it is a zero- posting your struggles is as important as posting your successes). This format takes advantage of my coaching and skills in group work.

I am going to start this today! If you are interested in joining, write me at Richfurmanphd@gmail.com. The fee is $150 for three months. I am asking people to sign up for three months at a time (or longer), since a big part of what we are trying to do here is build accountability; that takes commitment!. If it takes a while for people to join, don't worry, you would just get more of my time until the group becomes larger!


  1. The first! If people knew how cool you were, everyone one would join today!!

  2. FYI, only one day up and running, and we have 2 people, and words and comments already are posted!!