Thursday, August 28, 2014

Conditionally Accepted: A Great Resource

I have been meaning to share this resource for a while. Conditionally Accepted is a blog and community space (that is what I would call it) for "scholars on the margins of the academia." I would argue that it is essential reading not only for those self-identified as existing on the margins of our little world, but for those of us fully "bought in (whatever that means), and certainly those considering to entering it.

Reading about the lived experiences of those who do not easily fit into the hierarchical structures of the academy helps all of us understand the impact that some of the more oppressive practices and mechanisms of higher education have on all of us. 

The resources are exceedingly helpful and well organized- make sure to read though that section of the blog. 

Some of the blog posts are just fantastic. I really appreciate the four part series by Jeana Jorgensen, "I Don't know if I want to be a professor anymore." It is a great, honest, and telling personal narrative.

This is a great blog space to check out. As much as I love being a professor, and see myself working at my current gig until the end of my formal work life, I have also felt fairly marginalized at times. My highly emotional, expressive, and sometimes bluntly honest and direct Jewish male sensibility has not always been fully accepted in the academy; I have had to "dumb down" key aspects of who I am to fit in, at times. At some point, I need to write about this more, in particular how I see it influencing my life when I was an administrator.

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