Monday, August 11, 2014

Mess to Order

In one post, I wrote about the inherent "messiness" of writing (or more specifically, of academic writing). Frequently, I have also written about the importance of structure as a means of helping us keep focused, and the importance of sticking to the architecture of an article.

What gives? Am I contradicting myself here? Is writing messy, or must it be ordered?

Well, how about both!

There are different modes, if you will, of writing, each with a different intention, value, and utility. There are most certainly times when writing is (and should be) a messy, disorganized, and even chaotic process. Yet, as soon as we are able, it is important to develop order for our ideas.

Chaos for inquiry.

Structure for article.

Learn to move from chaos to order. Its not an easy process, but keep the need for both in mind.

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