Monday, August 11, 2014

Philippines Here I Come

I wrote two posts for today; make sure to check out my thoughts on moving from mess to order.

I am excited! In a few days, I will be traveling to the Philippines for a conference, research, and for a visit to two universities, both of whom are collaborating with each other on research infrastructure (a fact I did not know before I explored the offer to work with them, but a wonderful coincidence).

This will be a chance to try out changes I have made to a two day workshop on writing and publishing that I have been conducting for a few years now. While I try to change it often to meet the needs of diverse groups of participants, I have made some major revisions to the parts of my presentations on the psychosocial factors that inhibit writing productivity, and writing productivity itself. I think it is going to really work well; I am excited to try this new material out and to see how it goes!

More about my visits in a couple of weeks!

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