Saturday, August 16, 2014

Good Morning From Manila

What do I do when  I am horribly jet-legged and so tired that I cannot pronounce basic English words, no less my few words of Tagalog? Of course, write in my blog! It is almost 8am in Manila, and I have already been up for hours. 

I tried to read the reviews of an article I need to revise; that was not happening! I attempting to craft the magic paragraph of an article on the the relationship between depression and writing productivity: who am I kidding!. I switched gears, realizing I do not have the focus or capacity for non-reptilian brain writing or activities, and did some free writing on some other ideas.  And now, this.

What will it lead to? Who knows; I trust, trust in writing, the process, movement forward.

Now, can I trust my capacity to edit, this tired, before I hit the "publish" button here? I shudder at the thought, but here it goes.

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