Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Academic Job Hunting Help

A few of you have taken me up on my summer job hunting package. I hope it has been of value and our work will lead to your crushing the job market!! (wow, what an aggressive but "modern" sounding wish!). I was recently asked when "summer ends", given that many academics are back pretty soon. Since I am on the quarter system, if you are interested in this package, I will extend it until Sept 15th, when I am officially back!

The package includes:
1.     Seven hours of individual coaching sessions on job hunting skills and strategies, writing and conducting your job talk, working together to identify and remove the psychosocial barriers that inhibit job hunting and interviewing (my specialty!), preparing for and role-playing interviews, and other topics individualized to your particular needs (including discussions of writing and scholarship)
2.     Three hours of individual consultation to review your CV and cover letter including in-depth feedback  (initial review and final review once initial changes are made)
3.     Two hours of follow-up coaching during the fall and interviewing seasons

$750 total!



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