Monday, July 13, 2015

Challenge: What Are Your Fears and Worries?

Before I start to explore fear and anxiety more, I want you to spend ten minutes or so writing, based-upon the following prompts.

1) What fears and worries stop you from writing and/or publishing?

2) What fears and worries block you from connecting fully to others in your field or university?

3) What does it feel like when you are afraid and "blocked"?

4) When you are blocked, what behaviors do you engage in that keep you stuck? What behaviors do you engage in that help you transcend your fears and worries?

After you do the exercise, put it down for a few hours or so. Come back to it within the next day and see what you learned from doing this exercise. Feel free to post it here, if you wish.  Read future posts on the topic, and see if you can work to make a change :).

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