Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Fear of the new

I frequently have clients who are stuck. Really, why would someone pay a coach if they are not in some ways stuck? (of course, the answer is THAT question, is that some scholars and idea leaders want to move from merely getting by to really thriving, to really maximizing their strengths and excelling, but that is for other posts!).

In spite of their being stuck, some clients resist trying new things. They are afraid to try new behaviors and skills, even though their old ways of being/doing have not served them well.

This fear of the new is powerful. Humans need to be anchored, to be tethered powerfully to the earth. Being so grounded, we can take risks and reach new heights. Sadly, sometimes scholars confuse their behaviors and patterns that do not work for rituals that ground them. They hold tight, afraid that if they change, they will loose their mooring.

What are you afraid to let go of? Spend a few minutes thinking about the things that you are holding on to that do not serve you. Can you let go of one? What would it take? With what would you replace it? What help and supports do you need to let go and thrive?

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