Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Where Will Writing Take You?

I am fascinated by the possibilities of writing. Not only what my writing might become, but where writing has, and may yet take me. In a very real sense, my writing has taken me to three continents, has afforded me a good position and a good living, and opportunities that I never imagined. Writing has become the center of my creative life, a source of great joy, and a method of learning.

Where might writing take you? If you really, really kicked it into gear, and took your writing and publishing agenda and practice to a different level, what might the possibilities be for you?


  1. I like this post (per the usual) and am curious about your thoughts about public scholarship written for a nonacademic audience. For example, I write for a peer reviewed site called SoundingOut! that blends academic discourse and lay audiences. I have received more questions about this type of writing than my book chapters or upcoming article. Any suggestions about how I should blend this type of writing with my academic career?

  2. Regina,

    Wow, another stunning question. Will respond Sat or Sunday with a blog post, depending on how the weekend shapes up!

    Thanks again for helping add to the interactive nature of the blog.