Friday, August 10, 2012

No 5 Minute Fixes

It is never a good idea to break complex, highly personal human problems down to sound bites or acronyms. There is no such things as a simple, quick fix for problematic emotions or issues that stand in the way of your writing or publishing. I hope I never give the impression that any of the ideas or tips contained in this blog will somehow lead to miraculous transformations. Sometimes, there is hard work to be done.

Human growth and change are complex, and are far slower processes than we often wish them to be. Our stories are long, and our narratives that have led us to certain paths are not always easily shifted. Change, in a very real sense, is about rewriting these narratives, about recreating the self.

No exercise is going to change our narratives, but engaging in many, and slogging through the minefields of our own stuff, can lead to permanent change. Sometimes, it is also about getting out of our own way, putting our own stuff aside, and finding another way.

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