Saturday, August 25, 2012

When you don't think it is there....

What do you do when you don't think there is anything there? When you have no ideas to write about, when nothing wants to come?

It would be glib to say "just write," but there are times when that just does not work. First, it happens to even the most productive writer, we are all entitled to a day off. I am not talking about what is labeled "writer's block," which is a more sustained, persistent constellation of psychosocial and behavioral issues ( and for sustained lapses from writing, seek outside assistance). I am referring to a day when you just have no ideas, and can't seem to engage any you had.

First, accept it and call it a day off.  Get away from the computer, and just let it go. Don't force it for a day or so, just give yourself that "writing holiday."

However, don't make it too long; more than a day or two often breaks momentum.

Stay engaged by reading. Focus on self care that gets your mind and body right (write :)).

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