Thursday, August 30, 2012

But I Don't Want To!

So, I don't want to write today. I do not want to work out today either, and would prefer to eat chocolate ice cream and sushi (separately, of course).

Throughout the ages philosophers have debated the merits of living a life based upon meaning verses pleasure. The hedonists verses the stoics, the epicureans verses the existentialists (I am speaking metaphorically here).

To me, the good life is about balance. Every day that I can create a balance between meaning and pleasure I think I am adding to the overall quality of my life.

So, what does this have to do with writing and publishing?

Well, neither is always pleasurable, but can lead to a strong sense of meaning. Of course, many of us experience great joy from writing as well, but this is not always the case. Try to remember the powerful effect that being creative and writing can have upon your sense of meaning; this may make it easier to set some time aside to write.

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