Monday, August 13, 2012

The 2000 Word Day

I want you to try to schedule a day when you have to write 2000 words. Of course, It would be best if you could do productive writing- an article, your dissertation, ect. However, if that is not possible, I want you to write ANY 2000 words (well, no  text messages or “beurocratic” emails.) Letters to old friends count, free writing, parts of articles, whatever. Push yourself to experience what a day of intensive writing feels like.

If you have written 2000 words before, than try 3,000 or 4,000 words. The point is to push you out of your comfort zone, and make yourself produce a great deal. If you do not think you can, ask yourself this: If you were told you would be given a million dollars if you completed the task, or that doing so would mean that a loved one would avoid some harm, would you be able to do it?

Of course you could and would; it is just a matter of doing so without accepting the not doing so as an option. Simple, but not by any means easy.

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