Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Topics for My Blog?

I have now written nearly 450 blog posts in Write, Publish, Thrive. Not bad, as many blogs seem to lose steam well before that! I do feel like I am in a bit of an idea rut, after a really active few months, so would love for my readers to make suggestions. As I have written about, scholarship is a collaborative process; we all need each other.

So, what would you like me to write about? What would you like me to explore in more depth, or perhaps take another look at? Feel free to challenge me, push me; I do it to you!!

Post here, or send me an email :). 


  1. Hi Rich - Love your blog, thanks for asking for more topic ideas. I am mid-career; I have tenure and promotion, and have reached the point where university service is taking on a larger role and research and writing are taking a back seat. I have also reached the point where I realize that I will not be a research superstar, and that my skills and knowledge are no longer cutting edge. Topics that I would love to read about include: (1) how to set goals/direction when all of the external 'gold rings' (i.e., tenure, promotion) are done; (2) how to find research and writing topics that are motivating when one is mid-career and not as excited by previous research areas; (3) how to work effectively with graduate students to continue researching and writing; (4) how to decide if an administrative track (chair, dean, etc.) is a good option for one's career; and (5) how to manage university pressures to secure grant funding when research time is becoming less and less available. Your thoughts on any of these topics would be most appreciated. Amy

  2. Dear Amy,

    Thank you SO much for these fantastic question. I am going to start to sort though them over the next few days. A have few posts that may be relevant; I will include those in new posts addressing each of your questions. We shall call next week "Amy week". Thanks so much!

  3. Thanks, Rich - I really look forward to reading your thoughts on these topics.

  4. Hey Amy, post one is up. Lets have some fun :)