Friday, November 13, 2015

Amy week Question 1C: Goal Attainment

Here is a simple one. One of the problems that mid and advanced career professors have is that we really don't have very good work and productivity skill and habits. Many have gotten by on their smarts, drive, and doing great work. Yet, how they do this work often is really not very efficient, evidence based or wise. It is way so many full professors give such awful advice on writing, publishing, peer review, ect. Their tools are often very flawed, but they have gotten due to other skills and strengths.

If you know you need to learn some new skills, what you need to do is really fess up and admit that you have some deficits. This is harder to do at this stage of our careers, as we are presumed to "get it." Yet, starting with a good assessment of your work habits is a good way of jumpstarting your career. Check out this blog for ideas on self assessment. Pick up one of the many books on work productivity, writing productivity, or other such resources. It also starts with the humility of saying that now that you can do whatever you want, you own it to yourself to learn to do it with as little wasted effort as possible.

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