Monday, November 30, 2015

Pleasure verses meaning

Philosophers may take me to task on several of my armature assertions here, but allow me to be inexact for the sake of a blog post. This blog is to help scholars write and thrive, not to debate the intricacies (however important) of key concepts to philosophical thought.

So, with that caveat....

Throughout the ages, philosophers and others have debated about what makes a life worth living: meaning or pleasure.

If if we are speaking of pleasure, do we speak of hedonistic pleasures, such as eating or sex, or pleasures of a different sort.

Writing is not very satisfying, from a sensory or sensual perspective. We take in nothing and experience very little physically, other than perhaps tightness and discomfort.

Yet, the potential deep joy that we can feel, or meaning can be profound.

Consider how to make writing a source of meaning in your life, even when it cannot be a source of pleasure. It can be for many, but to believe that writing must always, or ever, be extremely pleasurable may contribute to some people's resistance to it.

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