Saturday, November 7, 2015

Its "Amy" Week!

I have been writing this blog since 2012.  Perhaps once a year or so, I have asked readers to send me question to write about; other times, readers have sent me unsolicited questions. It's been really helpful; your questions provide me inspiration and ideas when my own personal well runs dry, or a sense of meaning when I am feeling as if I am writing into a black whole (a common feeling for writers and scholars, at times).

Yet, never have I received a group of questions so relevant, so well written, and so worthy of exploration as those I received a few days ago from  "Amy".

The next week or so I am referring to as Amy week, as I will be taking each of her questions and exploring them here. As I think you will find, there is some overlap in questions one and two, but there are a few ways of approaching and unpacking the issues implicated in each question. So, I will address them both. Below are Amy's five questions; lets see how long it takes me to tackle them.

Its on Amy!!

 (1) how to set goals/direction when all of the external 'gold rings' (i.e., tenure, promotion) are done; (2) how to find research and writing topics that are motivating when one is mid-career and not as excited by previous research areas; (3) how to work effectively with graduate students to continue researching and writing; (4) how to decide if an administrative track (chair, dean, etc.) is a good option for one's career; and (5) how to manage university pressures to secure grant funding when research time is becoming less and less available.

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