Sunday, November 6, 2016

Reccomended Posts for New Readers?

The other day, I asked someone who recently discovered my blog if there was anything he wished I would post about. He responded by asking if I had thought of a pinned post (on twitter) that had links to good places to start reading.

So, dear readers, I am going to work on an list of five or ten "essential" posts (that sounds grandiose, but you get the idea). This would serve as a good introduction to scholars, leaders and creatives who are just learning about my work. It might also serve as a place to go when in need of a little writing pick me up.

So, any ideas for which ones I should choose? Feel free to respond here, or email me!


  1. I can't pinpoint many of the specific posts that I have liked - there have been so many useful ones: some more focused on the mechanics of writing, others on the psychology of being a writer and academic. Thank you.

    But there is one that I liked so much that I bookmarked it. It's from May 6th 2013, and talks about the importance of regular, scheduled writing sessions (It also reminds me of the importance of revisiting the 'classics' in my field of study). It's called "The Neglected Third Factor: An Article by Robert Boice".

  2. Thanks Ana. I am so grateful for how deeply involved you have been with my blog over the years. Thank you thank you!