Monday, November 14, 2016

"Let's Start Work Together When I Am Less Busy"

Over the last few weeks, I have received several emails from current, former or potential clients informing me that they wish to work with me, or start back working with me again.  In each case, I was given a projected date in the future for when they they will be less busy. Travel, teaching, conducting data analysis, dealing with sick relatives; these are legitimate reasons why they are not writing.

The problem is, life always happens! Not only that, but it is easy to do well when things are going smoothly, when we are on summer break, and when the universe does not present us with a crisis. But good methods of writing productivity should be designed to account for the vicissitudes of life, for our emotional ups and downs, and for the long haul. The best time to start working with me, or with another coach of any sort, is when things are hard. That is when we can see if various tools and techniques are actually working.

So, don't want until life is perfect to reach out for help. Start now! (well, if it is with me, not until December- I am still booked!!).

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