Monday, December 21, 2015

Processing Circuit Training Week

When I teach group work to social work students, and in my book on group practice, a key lesson is that many people get as much from processing exercises as they do engaging in them. Therefore, I designed a few question for you to consider now that you have completed your training.

1) Which routine worked best for you?
2) What about that structure helped you?
3) Which routines seemed to help you break through your psychosocial barriers to productivity?
4) What psychosocial barriers were still present and were making it hard to engage in this work?
5) Did you notice any internal "chatter" that got in your way?
6) That were the big take aways for you here?
7) What do you still need to work on to help you push your writing and publishing forward?
8) Develop a plan to get you to the next level. Make sure to seek help and resources. 

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