Monday, December 14, 2015

Day One of Circuit Training for Scholars

Over the next five days, I am going to encourage you to try these writing circuit training routines. As an introduction to how to approach this work, go to this post that I wrote during the summer.  You will need to set aside an hour per day, or more than one hour block if you wish to repeat each circuit more than once.

By following different routines each day, you will begin to get a sense of how to approach the various tasks you must engage in to complete an article, and gain some ideas on how to structure your work sessions.

You may also find that by following these preset plans that you move from worrying about how to work to just getting to your work. Sometimes our brains are our friends, other times, not so much.

So, here it is. For one hour, engage in these tasks as defined.

Note, did you see that the last task was to edit? You do understand, I hope, that editing while you are writing is nothing less than evil. Evil I say.

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