Friday, December 11, 2015

Circuit Training for Scholars Next Week!

Staring Monday, I am going to guide you through five days of circuit training exercises.  No, you can keep your kettlebells and battle ropes locked in the closet; this is going to be about writing!

The idea is to help you balance tasks that you need to accomplish in service of pushing an article forward. I came up with this "program" based on some positive feedback to a post I wrote, circuit training for scholars, a couple of years ago, and the week of exercises I led you through a couple of months ago.

I have two goals in mind here: 1) to help jump start your writing; 2) to help you consider various patterns of work related to scholarly writing. While you may find that one "training" order works best for you next week, don't overly rely on the method that was most successful. Just as with physical exercise, varying the intensity, duration, and actual routine of our work can lead to some impressive results.

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