Saturday, October 31, 2015

Assistant Professor Graduation Day

I am sitting in Denny's (yes, Denny's) just having finished my pecan pumpkin pancakes.

I really do eat a healthy, mostly a veggie and tofu diet, but have a weakness for pancakes. And ice cream. Well, maybe I eat a semi-healthy diet :).

Anyhow, I am feeling a bit emotional; and it is not just from how good the pancakes tasted, although, they were pretty awesome!

I just finished responding to an email in which one of my clients informed me that he just submitted his tenure and promotion  packet. While he is still anxious (dah!), his is a pretty open and shut case. As such, there is a 95% chance that this marks his graduation day, graduation from working with me, his coach.

I always cry during graduations (yes Rich, you cry at just about anything), so I am welling up a bit with tears here, thinking about how proud I am, and how lucky I feel to having been able to be a small part of his process. He has been wonderful to work with: dedicated, open to suggestions, willing to make changes, hard working, self-reflective and willing to take ownership for his growth process.

For him, of course, the real graduation will be that day that he receives his final letter saying he has been promoted to associate professor, with tenure. He will tell me, and again, I will cry.

And maybe I will then celebrate, with pancakes! (or ice cream!)

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