Friday, June 26, 2015

Psychosocial Barrier: Self Downing

In my exploration of the psychosocial barriers to writing, publishing, and thriving in the faculty life, I am going to begin with self downing. Those of you who are not academics, keep reading. Self downing has a huge impact on many people's ability to thrive in their careers and lives. In these posts, I am going to explore each theme from various theoretical and practical perspectives, hopefully helping you explore each barrier and find tools to help you live more fully and have the kind of work life that you wish to have. 

My experience as a social worker, therapist and coach has taught me that nearly people engage in self downing to some degree. Those who struggle with clinical depression are riddled with it. Yet even those who are not depressed can be hamstrung by powerful internalized messages that feel overwhelming and painful. Those with highly developed, critical voices are often tormented by a sense of doubt and an overall sense of not being good enough. 

Check back often, as I am going to post frequently this summer on each barrier. Enough of my intro; some meet and potatoes coming soon (or tofu and tempeh for my fellow vegetarians).

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