Monday, December 22, 2014

This is the end

I was just asked, how do I feet about my sabbatical quarter coming to an end. The end. The end. The iconic Doors song, The End, pretty much typifies my mood.

Ok, perhaps a bit over-the-top dramatic. Yet, as short as it has been, this has been an amazing few months for me. I have developed clarity about some of the things I want to let go of, and some of the attachments I wish to strengthen. I have created some space that will allow me to refocus on aspects of my scholarship that I have neglected, and feel some peace around moving on from others areas. I am committed to moving beyond my scholarly dilettantism and focus more on one primary scholarly interest: Writing as method (and method of inquiry).

In subsequent posts I will explore what I mean by "writing as a method of inquiry"- I think it will feel relevant to my readers. Its an area I have been working "in" for many years, even when I did not conceptualize it as such.

In truth, sixteen years into this full-time academic life, perhaps half way to the finish line (if I work until that mythical age of 65 that so few really retire at these days) I feel I am just discovering myself. 

Its a good thing.

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