Friday, December 19, 2014

Challenge: Find a Brief Note/Short Section of a Journal

Identifying journals prior to writing articles is essential for assigning relative "weight" to sections of the architecture of our articles. This is especially true if we write a short article or brief note. Do not scoff at writing shorter articles;  if they are peer reviewed, they can become an important part of your scholarly profile.

If you have not searched journals in your field (or related disciplines) for brief notes sections, (or not for a while) spend some time doing so.

You can start with a web search : topic/field (fill in blank), "journal", brief note, research note, ect.

Also, search the websites for journals in your field and really evaluate the "instructions for authors". You will often find many different types of sections to journals with different word lengths. 

See if this triggers any ideas for a short article you can write over the holidays. Challenge yourself. 

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