Wednesday, December 24, 2014

New Year Writing Resolutions

I know some of you are beginning to contemplate New Year resolutions pertaining to writing. I have heard a few.

     This is the year I am going to write every day!

     I promise myself that I will start that book proposal

     I am going to join a writer's group

     I am going to connect with my mentor

     I am going to get to that revise and resubmit right after the holidays

     I am going to write this year so I actually have a shot at getting tenure (and/or promotion)

And on and on and on.

New Year resolutions are made with the best of intentions. And yes, each of us can change and can actualize positive intentions in our lives. Yet, without an intentional focus on identifying and eliminating the barriers that have stopped you from achieving these goals in the past, it is unlikely that you will fulfill your resolutions.

As I have explored before, growth and change are predicated on maximizing strengths and eliminating barriers.

With this in mind, get ready for Friday's challenge, the last of the year!

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