Monday, December 29, 2014

Forgiveness and Moving Forward

Its the last week of the year. In last Friday's post, I asked you to engage in a bit of self reflection; shall we continue it here?

While usually challenges are reserved for Friday, and I did say that they were done for the year, I actually have one more for you.

One of the ways we get stuck is to carry around a great deal of shame about past "failures." Intense shame and demoralization, paradoxically, do not help us reflect upon what we need to improve, but makes it harder for us to uncritically and dispassionately assess and change our weaknesses. When we feel a great deal of shame, we tend to defend against experiencing this emotion by denying the triggers that set in motion our painful feelings.

So, for this bonus challenge, and truly the last one of the year, please spend a few minutes completing the following prompt.

I can let go of and forgive myself for.............

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