Friday, December 12, 2014

Challenge: Hand Write 500

For this challenge, I want you to hand write (you know, no computer, cell phone, tablet, ect ect) 500 words across two days. It can be on an existing article, generative writing about a topic you are exploring, a book idea, or a new article.

Fresh method, fresh perspective. Go!


  1. It's funny that you should say this because, for the last 2 papers I have been working on, I have been doing quite a lot of the planning using pen and paper. Sometimes, it's just series of bullet point or the outline of a table or figure. But other times it's actual paragraphs.

    And, you are right, it does offer a new perspective. It feels very organic.

  2. Organic is a very good word for it. I can be something of a neo-ludite, paradoxically for a guy who blogs, and pen and paper at times feel very natural.