Monday, July 11, 2016

Happy Monday!

Nothing of deep import is on my mind, so lets just write! Writing is a method of inquiry, and leads to the creation of that which is new.

My online article writing workshop starts in a week. If you are hoping to be more productive, I hope you join us. I also include two free hours of coaching along with it. I am excited about starting; this is the first time I have conducted this workshop in a four week, online version. It is a good deal of the material that I teach in my two day live workshops, but of course, there are pros and cons to both. I like the possibility of longitudinally being able to digest and practice skills; and opportunities for more sustained engagement. Still, it is new, so much to work on.

Things are good with me. My baby (almost 19!) is now living back in Tacoma. She starts her first year of college after a wonderful gap year in the Alps; what an amazing person she has become (always was, but....). I am thrilled that she is going to school at UWT, so I will get to hang out with her on campus. That is almost a bucket list item that I have not dared to put on my list; it is her life, her dreams. I am now a witness. Writing this, tears start welling in my eyes (surprise to nobody who knows me); I am in my favorite coffeehouse, so enough with this.

A bit of writing on two book revisions. Online teaching. The gym. Life is simple. Life is good.

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