Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Article Writing Workshop (online)

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Here is a first draft of the marketing materials for the workshop I am going to conduct this summer through the wonderful Taos institute (we confirmed it just this morning, yay!) . We will probably make some changes to some of the language here, but this gives you an idea of what I will be doing. Please note- for the $300 fee, you also get two free coaching sessions. So, this is a pretty good deal (if I do say so myself!). The last workshop filled up pretty fast, so if your interested, I would sign up ASAP. Here is the website and registration link!

Title: Mastering the Academic Article
Facilitated by Rich Furman

Dates: July 18th- August 12, 2016 (with some orientation work the previous week)

This four-week, online workshop teaches scholars the tools they need to successfully write and publish scholarly articles. It adopts a strengths-based, developmental approach that deconstructs evidence-based strategies unknown to most scholars. Conducted by an internationally known writing coach, therapist and professor, participants develop the capacity to more effectively craft articles through extensive video lectures, writing exercises, online discussions and weekly calls with learning partners. All participants will receive two coaching sessions with the facilitator as part of the workshops.

Learning Objectives

This workshop helps participants master skills and knowledge in several areas:
  1. Writing productivity and understanding the psychosocial barriers to writing
  2. Idea generation
  3. Creating effective article architecture/structure
  4. The “modes” of academic writing
  5. Developing skills in writing the “common” sections of articles
  6. Learn to evaluate and select journals for maximum success.
  7. Developing effective techniques to managing the peer review process.
  1. Master methods of writing productivity
  2. Make significant progress on on an article, and hopefully submit it during the summer!
  3. Develop tools for breaking through personal blocks and barriers that hinder writing. productivity and scholarly success.
  4. Develop several “magic paragraphs” that will become new articles.
  5. Develop life-long and regular practices for successful article writing.
Live Group Calls:
  1. Each week for the 4 weeks everyone will participate in a group conference call.
  2. Calls will be held on Tuesdays of each week for 1.5 hours.
  3. The time for the calls is 12 noon NY time/ Eastern US Time – please see the WorldClock website to convert to your own time zone.
How to register: Coming soon.
If you need assistance, email

Registration Fee: (US dollars)
$300 (register by July 1, 2016)
Late registration fee (after July 1) add $100

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