Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Make YOU your summer project!

Aw summer. When a young scholar's fancy turns to passing out on the coach!

Seriously, those of you on the semester system, luck ducks (although, come September I will be living large, still on break!) are about to enter the magical days of summer break. Even those of us who teach during the summer enjoy the differences between the academic year and summer(e.g. no meetings, committees, ect).

Of course, a lot of you save summer for writing. I won't even get into the perils and pitfalls of only writing  (or, in fact, PLANNING, as it often does not happen!) during the summer- the ultimate binge writing! I have explored that a enough in the past.

However, what I do want you to think about is seeing summers as a time of self-reflection and skill development.  See yourself as your summer project. Try to envision summers as a time to work on the barriers and blocks that have stopped you from fully enjoying and thriving in your careers. Hopefully, if you have been reading this blog for a while, you have learned to identify many of these practical and socioemotional barriers.  If not, check it out!!

Regardless of how you do it, work on them! Reading. Self help. Mentors. Therapist. Friends. Doggie love. Coach. Pick goals. Try methods.

This life is too wonderful, says I, to not work out the kinks.

If you want to talk about your options, email me. First chat, always free :). Even use me if you have no intention of call two ;)

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