Thursday, July 21, 2016

Radical Acceptance

A simple principle of change is that you have to accept something as being true before you are willing to work to change it. This seemingly simple truism is essential for scholars learn, and is often a prerequisite to total self acceptance. Without truly coming to terms with the relationship between acceptance and transformation, it is hard for scholars to give up constantly critiquing and judging every move they make (especially with their writing!). 

Many clients that I have worked with struggle with the notion of self acceptance, or radical self acceptance as I think of it, as they worry that adopting such a perspective will lead to mediocrity. They worry that if they accept themslves and their current skill-set as it currently is, that they will subsequent become resigned to their current "state" and will slip into complacency.

However, as I began this post, accepting yourself totally as being the way you are supposed to be in this moment actually creates the possibility of change. If you accept a truth about yourself, and really allow yourself to feel it without being overwhelmed by it, its far easier to face. I know this feel uncomfortable, but its very, very true.

Radial acceptance. Total acceptance. As a way of moving forward. As a way of being. As a path to growth.

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