Sunday, February 21, 2016

One and Two Day Writing and Publishing Workshops!

One of my favorite professional activities is conducting one and two day workshops on scholarly writing and publishing. Not only have I conducted them at my home university, but
at many universities in more than a dozen countries across four continents.

If you have appreciated this blog and would like to accelerate your writing and publishing agenda, consider helping me come to your university! In my two day workshop (my best!), I help scholars develop skill and tools in several interlocking areas.

1) Methods of writing productivity
2) Mastering the academic article
3) Learn alternative tools and tips for navigating peer review
4) Maximizing the social aspects of our work (working with collaborators, mentors, PhD chairs editors, ect).
5)  Resolving the psychosocial barriers (and maximizing your strengths) that interfere with success in the other areas.

Deans, Directors and Teaching/Learning center staff have often founds funds to bring me out when faculty are excited to work with me. I have conducted workshops for faculty across academic and professional disciplines, and gladly tailor what I do for you. I also have worked with groups of doctoral students for intensive dissertation work; I love to help!

If you are interested in working with me, this is a great way of doing so without cost to you. Contact me and I can help you consider how propose a workshop to your administrators. Or, just email me and we can talk about what I do! 

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