Monday, February 22, 2016

Engaging Struggling Colleagues: Sharing Your Struggles

One of the best ways of helping colleagues who are struggling with writing and publishing is to share your own struggles. Actually, this is only partly true. This is one of the best ways of opening up a dialogue and helping to normalize such problems for them. At some point, it is easy for such discussions to be mutually reinforcing, and help no one.

Yet, creating the space to help them break the shame they may be feeling is of great value. This is one of the reasons why I frequently share my story with people. It has not been, and is not, always easy to be living the academic life (no call tears; I know how privileged I am).

Not only should you share your own struggles, but if invited to, share how things have changed for you. Share what tools, resources, and skills you developed. Share how you overcame the blocks and barriers that got in your way. In truth there is no shame in having struggled to write and publish; many of us do.

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