Sunday, January 24, 2016

Engaging Struggling Colleagues

Many many years, prior to starting my coaching practice, I did this work "pro bono." Colleagues and friends would ask me to help people they knew were at risk of not getting tenure. It was painful for my friends to see their colleagues struggle. Many were great teachers, wonderful people, dedicated to the good of their departments and universities, but they were not publishing, and so their careers were at risk.

It can be painful to see colleagues struggle. It can make you feel powerless. How do you help? How do you talk to your colleagues about their need for help?  How do you engage them in a way that helps them? What are the issues in play here?

Over the next two weeks,  I am going to explore a few key ideas to help you engage colleagues who are struggling with writing and publishing.  I am not going to explore how you can help them write, but instead, how can you connect with them about their need for help and support in a way. 

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